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Founded in 2011, Bring Global is a leading knowledge company expert in building and delivering best-in-class business and technology solutions to improve the performance of our customers around the world.

As a global company, successful in over thirty countries and with over 300 people worldwide, we have a unique value proposition in the Financial Services space, enabling digital transformation for banks, leveraging rapid market access for new digital banks, and providing integration with Fintechs.

Bring Global approaches Digital Transformation with three main pillars: data, integration and customer experience. We help improve the customer experience by accelerating the delivery of digital products and services, remaining competitive in the market, reducing costs, and increasing revenues, adding our contribution to redefining the way banking services will be offered in the coming years.

We bring highly skilled global resources to where our customers are. Our local presence allows us to be close to our customers and deliver with local people who understand the requirements of each local market.

We accomplish our goals through a robust business model, strong partnerships, and the commitment of our people.

‘Inspired by people’ is our motto and our compass. We understand that business value cannot be unlocked through technology alone, believing the human factor is key to achieve more and quickly adapting to market changes.