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Process Intelligence

drive your processes to the bright side of the moon through our consulting services and a fact-based environment

take the journey with us!

Improve your processes efficiency and your earnings

source: celonis

Do you know how your processes really run?

Most of them probably live on the dark side of the moon, and you can only bring them to the bright side if you understand the fullness of what is happening and are able to quantify the reality.

Bring can help you on that journey by giving you the business and technical support to understand, quantify and deliver the business value that you need from your processes.


capacity; see how processes really run, and identify gaps


the gaps that have the greatest impact and the right action to take to close them


in real-time to close gaps and increase capacity with automation and recommendations.

Take action

Regardless of the maturity, complexity, or size of your processes, our consulting teams are ready to help companies to progress and improve their processes, always with the objective of bringing value to the business and ensuring the return on investment.

Through joint teams and a phased approach, we can identify and put into practice all the strategic measures identified, as a result of a sustained and informed approach based on facts and projects.




The methodology

1. Identify the first process

Whether you start small or large, the first step is usually the hardest; we can support you in selecting the process by providing guidance and knowledge on how best to get started within your organization aligned with the company’s goals.

2. Discover what is really happening

it is about having a precise knowledge of what is actually happening and being able to quantify the inefficiencies

3. Select and prove

Choose your battles to win the war! We can now start choosing where we want to act and how, what are the priorities and what can be done immediately and directly with the available resources

4. Build the business case

To ensure our success, we have to build the business case and start shaping the future for continuous improvement of process intelligence within the organization.

5. Apply the measures

A call to action. Measures are identified, applied and tested and the roadmap for implementation is set in place.

6. Quantify the improvements

All changes must be monitored and the actual success of the implementation evaluated, measuring and quantifying the improvements.

7. Show the results

we believe that sharing good results is crucial to managing change and increasing awareness of the importance of these projects.

8. Build the operating model

in a world of constant change, continuous improvement is key to the success of companies; building and operating a model at the scale of other processes, or continuing to improve and adapt the actual process to external changes, are paramount and play an important role in our methodology.

9. Repeat

with all the work done we just have to keep going and look at the processes with an open approach, keeping them real.

Fortune 500 companies are already seeing results

source: celonis

saved in SAP migration costs
reduced time-to-market
improvement in asset utilization captured

The results and the return on investment are visible as soon as the first process is implemented. The next processes will be easier and faster.