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Solution focused in digital banking’s channels that allows you to have the full insight of your customer’s journey

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OmniAnalytics is the ultimate tool to target and meet your potential customers through digital channels. It allows you to understand what is sought and valued to better serve your market, at any stage.

Built with fluid dashboards and an ultimate analysis stack, the OmniAnalytics gives you all you require to know about your digital customers.

With OmniAnalytics, it is easier to understand how your customers navigate inside your digital channels. And it also shows how you can funnel the newcomers. The journey begins in the first minute they reach you.



of OmniAnalytics

Holistic View

Have the full picture about your omnichannel business gathering all the information in a single view

Prospect Onboarding

Avoid prospect dormancy using your leads analytical features. With OmniAnalytics you can to see and learn where customer engagement starts.

Customer Satisfaction

Profile your customers in such way that you can serve them better and more accurately. Meet their expectations and evolve through their experience.

Operational Efficiency

Learn what is most sought by your customer and streamline cross sales operations. Benefit by serving your market accurately, while reducing costs.


Have a 360º view approach in what is related to the customer


Create a close bond with your customers, knowing their motivation and anticipating their needs. Provide them a seamless journey and tailor your offer to their demands.

What is really sought by your market?

Executive Summary

Have top level management insights about your digital business and make better decisions

Transaction History

Knowing what your customers need and what they value the most is what sets you apart. Find out the usage of your digital channel and build powerful bonds with your market.

Onboarding History

Better understand when your customers journey begin and avoid losing them along the way


Know your market, segment your target, and serve your customers. This analytical tool will profile your current and potential market, and provide the readiness to act effectively.

Onboarding Steps

Don’t let your potential customers become dormant or leave before they start. Observe, acknowledge, and act.
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of OmniAnalytics

We understand the importance of data in strategic decision making

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Our Technology

High-volume data handling

Ability to handle high-volume analytics data, enabling in-depth analysis such as comparative history, customer segmentation, and analysis on the various operations made through different channels

Completely Cloud-Based

with strong plug & play requirements, being a true Software as a Service (SaaS) solution

Modular Model

Allowing its evolution by areas and modules, such as “On Boarding”, “Transactions” and “Demographics”

Near-Real-Time Processing

Despite the high data volume requirement, we ensured batch and near-real-time processing, in a “fast-to-action” view
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    Frequently asked questions

    OmniAnalytics is built on Microsoft Azure Cloud technology, where the only technical requirement is that there is a compatible connector to the information sources.

    Currently OmniAnalytics is 100% prepared to receive data from Backbase, however Bring also develops connectors for other platforms such as, Temenos (priorly Kony) and others.

    OmniAnalytics out-of-the-box presents dashboards and KPI’s divided by thematic areas for dynamic analysis. By default, OmniAnalytics does not allow data export. However, Bring Data Solutions provides integration services for this kind of functionality to supply segmentation or customer care information.

    Yes, however the project typology changes because there is a change in the initial service paradigm.
    The on-premise technological requirements are different from the cloud-based solution used by default by OmniAnalytics and therefore its approach must be managed differently.

    There is no user limit. Bring offers monthly subscription packages that allow you to purchase licenses by range of users.

    No. The OmniAnalytics follows strict security rules that guarantee the confidentiality of the sensitive data of your organization. So it follows the concept of “named users”, where they have to be mandatorily identified in the organization.